About Family Houses

Essential Facts about Family Houses

  • Suitable for families with up to two adults and two children
  • Comprised of two bedrooms (a twin and a double), kitchen/dining/living room(s) and bathroom (no shower)
  • Houses are fully furnished – students may not bring their own furniture or electrical kitchen appliances
  • Items such as bed linen (duvets, sheets, pillows), kitchen utensils, pots and pans, TV and washing machine, are not provided.
  • Pets are strictly not allowed
  • Houses are let under an Assured Tenancy Agreement (more info)
  • Houses on campus have a computer network connection for fast free internet access
  • Houses do not come with Telephones, but students may arrange a private contact with BT at their own cost

Further Details

Suffolk Walk

Suffolk Walk is a row of houses reserved for families, situated at the centre of campus and overlooking the broad. Outside the properties there are parking spaces for one car per house. There is no garden, although there is a large grassy area behind Suffolk Walk (children should be supervised at all times).

Village Close

Village close is a row of houses reserved for families, situated in the University Village, adjacent to the campus. To the rear of the property there is a small garden, and at the front there is space for one car.

Chapel Break, Bowthorpe

Chapel Break is a residential area about four miles from the University. There are 12 two-bedroom semi-detached houses situated in a quiet cul-de-sac at Bateman Close. There is a garden to the back of the house, and a lockable garage to the side. Bus route to UEA and Norwich.


Rents 2008-2009

Rent does not include utilities or service charges (see below) and is payable by monthly Direct Debit. Rents quoted are valid until 1st August 2008.

House Location

Number of Houses

Annual Rent

Monthly Rent

Damage Deposit

Suffolk Walk





University Village










Service Charges and Utilities

In addition to the rent, you will have to pay a standard annual service charge for water and sewerage. You will also be invoiced every three months (quarterly) for the gas and electricity you use. Metres are read quarterly and at the end of tenancies by University staff, and individual invoices raised. We cannot predict what the water or utility rates will be for 2008-2009, but we do expect them to increase by a significant margin.

To help you budget for these extra costs, we have produced a table of average costs for 2005-2006. Please note this is a guide only, and actual costs will depend on rates set by the water and utility companies, and (in the case of gas and electricity) your usage.

House Location

Yearly Service Charge 2005-2006

Average Quarterly Utility Bill 2005-2006

Average Monthly Utility and Water Costs 2005-2006

Suffolk Walk




University Village








Damage Deposits

To secure a Family House, you must pay a damage and cleaning deposit before you move in. This deposit is equal to 31 times the nightly rent. The full amount will be refunded after you have vacated the property, unless:

  • If there is any damage to theproperty not due to fair wear and tear, we will have to pass on the costs of repair or replacement as appropriate.
  • If there is any extra cleaning required (including the cooker and refrigerator) we will have to pass on the costs of cleaning time.
  • If there are any other outstanding invoices on your account, the Finance department will take payment for these from your damage deposit.

Housing benefit and financial aid

If you are normally eligible for housing benefit, you will need to check that you will be still be eligible for benefits when living in University Residences. In our experience, residents in Suffolk Walk and Village Close have been unsuccessful when applying for housing benefit.

If you have financial difficulties, you will be eligible to apply for a hardship fund, and help with Nursery fees if applicable. For more information about financial aid which may be available to you, go to the Dean of Students’ Office website.

How to Apply

To apply, you should complete an online application form.  You will need to include:

  • your application reference number (UCAS number or equivalent – if unsure, contact your School of Study)
  • details of your children and partner (if applicable) who will be living with you
  • if there’s a baby expected, the due date. 
  • Your contact details: please note, we need a valid email address as this will be the main method of communication.

What happens next?

  • When we receive your application, your details will be added to our waiting list. 
  • We will contact you as soon as possible if we can make an offer.
  • We can confirm your allocation only if you are listed as a new student.  This means that, to be allocated University Accommodation, you must complete the admissions process by formally accepting an Unconditional offer of a place at UEA.  If you have any queries about the admissions process, you should contact your Faculty admissions.
  • To secure the house you will need to pay a damage deposit in full prior to moving in.

Accommodation Contract

All houses are let on an Assured Tenancy agreement, a legal contract which sets out the rights and responsibilities of the Landlord (UEA) and the Tenant (you). 

We recommend that you read the Tenancy Agreement thoroughly, so as to make sure you do not invalidate your tenancy or incur unexpected costs.

In particular, you should be aware from the outset that the Tenancy Agreement commits you to the following:

  • You agree to pay your rent in monthly instalments
  • You agree to pay the damage deposit before moving in, and utilities and water charges when required.
  • You agree to pay for the costs of making good any damages not due to fair wear and tear, which occur during your tenancy
  • You agree not to keep any pets, including animals or birds of any description.
  • You agree to vacate the property at the end of the tenancy, removing all personal belongings, and returning all keys to the premises by the specified date.

Living in Family Houses

Arriving at UEA

Your arrival date will be specified on your offer of accommodation.  If we cannot offer accommodation from the beginning of the academic year, we will make an offer as soon after that as possible. 

In general, you should note that we do not have a reception service outside of office hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).  If you are arriving at UEA outside of our office hours, you will need to make your own arrangements for temporary accommodation.  Please also note that we do not have a portering service.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Each house is supplied with a welcome pack for new residents, which includes cleaning materials and instructions for use.  You are required to keep your house in a clean and tidy condition, and the housekeeper will organise a quarterly inspection of the premises to ensure that this is the case. 

If there are any defects or damages in the property, you should report these as soon as possible to the Accommodation Office or your housekeeper.  All defects and damages will be attended to by University staff as soon as possible. 

If an inspection (including an end of tenancy inspection) reveals any damages which have occurred during the tenancy and are not due to fair wear and tear, the cost of making good these damages will be passed on to you.  This includes the cost of extra time spent on cleaning any of the furniture, fixtures or fittings in the house, at the end of the tenancy period.

We will give reasonable notice of any inspection or maintenance work needing to be carried out which you have not requested.

Paying for your accommodation

To secure your accommodation, a damage deposit equal to 31 times the nightly rate must be paid in full at the UEA Finance department. 

Once you move in, we then issue invoices for the annual rent and annual water/sewerage charge.  Utilities are charged quarterly, in November, February, May and August.  To pay these charges, you should set up a monthly Direct Debit with the UEA Finance department when you arrive.  All charges can be incorporated into the direct debit, including Nursery fees.

For further queries about invoices and payments, please contact Shirley Clapton on


Gas and electricity metres are read quarterly and at the beginning and end of tenancies by University staff.  Individual invoices are then raised, and sent to the Resident.  Charges depend on usage, and on the rates set by our utility providers.

Cars and Bikes

Each Family House has one allocated parking space or lockable garage.  Vehicle owners must register their cars or motor cycles with the University.  Application for parking permits should be made to the University Traffic Office at the Security Lodge on the University campus. 

There are several places around campus to lock up bikes, and houses in Bowthorpe have a garage suitable for bike storage.  Please note that bikes, motorbikes or any substantial parts thereof are not allowed inside the house.

If you have any queries about car or bike parking please contact the Security Lodge: email

TV licences

If you wish to have a TV in your house, you must buy the relevant TV licence.  For information about TV licensing see


The University has insurance for all of its buildings, but you must arrange insurance for your own personal belongings.

Computer Network and Telephones

All houses on campus (Suffolk Walk and Village Close) are connected to the UEA data network and out to the internet.  In order to use the connection you will need a computer with a network card (not modem) installed and configured for use on the UEA network.  To use the network you will need to install NAI anti-virus software which is available for free once you are registered as a UEA student.  You should visit the IT helpdesk for help with registering after your arrival at UEA.

Houses do not have telephones, but you can arrange a private contract with BT at your own cost.  In order to obtain a BT land line in your family house you must contact BT residential sales on 0800 800 152 and inform them of your residence name and room number. The costs of installation, line rental and call charges will be billed direct to yourself and it is your responsibility to pay these charges.

For further information about the computer network and telephones in residences, please see

Post and postal addresses

Postal addresses are shown in the table below.  Please note that the Accommodation Office does not forward mail: when you vacate, you should make arrangements at the Post Office for your mail to reach you at the correct address.

Suffolk Walk Village Close Bateman Close Harpsfield
No (  ) Suffolk Walk
University Plain
University of East Anglia
Norwich NR4 7TJ
No (  ) Village Close
Wilberforce Road
Norwich NR5 8NA
No (  ) Bateman Close
Chapel Break
Norwich NR5 9LE
3 Harpsfield

Laundry facilities

There are Launderettes on campus situated very close to Suffolk Walk and Village Close, and these open every day until late during semesters and vacations.  If you would like to purchase a washing machine, you can do so at your own cost, but we would ask that you remove any washing machines at the end of tenancy.


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