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A note on d way to Copenhagen-Berlin-Rome-Venice -Pisa

We start our journey on d 26th of dec untill 3rd jan. With 250 euro u can hv a great time in Copenhagn, Berlin, rome, venice n pisa. This cover yr flight ticket fr all destinatn, hotel in london, berlin, rome n Venice.

How we manage to get cheap flight ticket? Here is some tips. Booked it earlier, we hv booked this ticket 2 mnths ealier thn d travel time. Bought d ticket without check in bag fr all destinatn except fr d last one. The check in bag will cost u up to several 20 euros or more. Fr the last destination booked a wth check in bag as u may hv shopping alot during yr time in rome.

The plan itenary was like this :
a. on the 26th – from norwich to london (stay one nite at holiday in stanted)
b. on the 27th – fly from stanted to copenhagen Denmark (stay a nite there)
c. on the 28th – fly from Copengagen to Berlin (stay 2 nites there)
d. on the 31st – fly from Berlin to Rome (stay 3 nites)* i supposed to stay 2 nites in rome and 1 nite in Venice, but due to unexpected event, the trip to venice was cancelled
e. on the 3rd Jan – travel from rome to pisa, n fly back to london

I m travelling frm nrwich by bus to london (vctria sttn) n stay a nite at holiday inn stanted, bcause boxing day in london on d 26th, so bettr not to miss it. I miss a chance to see venice in this trip n i am very fortunate tht i just lost 20 euro fr d flight tcket n none fr d hotel. U may be facing the same thing if u hv a trip on d end of d year n u should aware abt several issues when u plan yr trip during christmas n new yr. Be aware abt d weather, d boxing day, new year n bank holiday. This is significantly has an effect to yr plan which i will xplain later.

Our 1st place of d trip was copenhagen denmark. The currency of denmark is kroner. As we just stay 1 nite in denmrk we just spent abt 180 euros. Well this is fr hop on hop off bus, food, metro (the tube), hotel n souvenir fr 2 ppl (me n my fren). Copenhagen is d central of denmark but i guess u will c d diference of this capital compre to othr country. Cpnhgn is quite small and U will not get lost there. U can hv a day trip by hop on hop off bus to see all d main attractions of d ct.

however, one of my friend can spent 5 days in copenhgn. I just wondering how she managed to stay tht long. If u do d trip during summr u can spnt a week bcause there r so many things n event held in d ct but if u go during winter d hop on bus only have 1 route instead of 3. U may experience some diffculty to understand d explaintn durng d bus trip. As i miss understood abt the real locatn of little mirmaid. B aware of tht. If u not sure where to off frm d bus follow d other ppl. The hop on bus will stop operating as early as 3 pm during winter, so manged yr time properly. Try to fully occupied yr time trvel with the the hop on bus so that u will know the history of the ct before hv yr own sightsieng.

some interestbg plce in copnhgn that i like are tivoli garden n littl mirmaid. D Tivoli grdn is very nice during nite time but u hv to pay fr the entrance abt 95 kroner or 13 euros. Whn u in denmrk u may feel all the item sold here r xpnsive. Things mostly from 19 kronr (1 can of coke) up to 1000 kroner (1 hndbag) but when u cnvert to yr currency it is abt d same. Dnt afraid wth d numbers as it still not too xpnsive.

Finished our trip in Copenhagen, we fly to berlin. We arrived almost 1 am in d morng of 28th. Frm d berlin airpot they hv train tht u cn used to go to yr hotel but please make sure u got full directn on wht tube line to take to go to yr hotel as d train in germn is similr to undrgrnd tube in london, so many lines n so many stop. As u arrived at the tube station ry to look fr the tube map n ask people there if u hv difficulty to purchase d tickt frm the mchine. Through my xperience, ppl in germn r so kind and friendly n they speak fluent english or if they dont they still understnd wht u asked them. Nothng to worry if u
get lost.

We get up early on the next day n straight away catched up d hop on bus frm our hotel (we r so lucky to get 4 star hotel 5 minute walk from d main train station at 3 star prize). D trip were devided to 2. They usually hv a boat trip for u to view berlin frm d water channel but not during winter. On d first day we took a hop on bus to postdam. This will cost u 37 euros. Pls dnt frget to ask fr a student discount as they provided u with a gd price. Postdam is at d outskirt of berlin . It took 45 min ride by bus. D trip start as early as 10 am n finishd by 3 pm. It is worth while fr u to go here and hv a view of d emperial town. there hv many nice garden n castle. D bus to postdam was provided wth tourist guide in germn n english lnguage. Be preprd to take photos frm d bus as this bus will not stop n wait fr u to take picture n ths is also not a hop off bus. I’m sure if u come during summer u may hv a very nice time to enjoy d view. Nothng much u can c during wnter as it was fogy. N brng bck some souvnir- nice fridge mgnt, postcrd, book or porcelain. If u like d sound of fluet do buy the cd here. It is d best fluet eva. I like it very much.

On d 2nd day take d hop on buss an hv a tour of berlin ct. Dont miss to hv a look of berlin wall, the army check point n listn to d history of all places in berlin. Berlin is the historical town wth too much
blood n pain n war. Dont missed to feel the sadness n anger of d previous ppl by knowng d history. We r so lucky during this trip as it was snowy on d 2nd day of our trip here (30th). But its not so cold like u r in norwch or londn perhaps. Brng along yr snow cap n glove to make u comfrtable along d journey.

As fr muslim its hard fr u to find halal restaurant in all of ths places. U may hv choice to eat in d chinese restaurant, thailnd, japanese sushi or mcd. Or u cn brng yr own food as well. If u like bring along
elctrc rice cookr coz u cn cook here as we can find all d raw material to cook.

Our journey was cntnue to d third place – rome on d 31st. We arrived late frm our plan as we got stuck in d the thick snowy frm berlin. We arrived at 12 oclock n straight away took d train to barberini where we stay there. Barberini is a convinience place to stay as it is near to d republica one of d main attraction n u cn easily find souvnir shop, restarante, bar n also internt point (d similar term fr intrnet cafe). Some of d hotel does nt hv wireless internet so fr those who need d access u can easily find here. U also can find halal kebab near to termini station lies on Via principale amedeo (via is d name of d street).

As we arrived on d 31st we straight away bought the 2 days hop on hop off bus tckt. U may not cover all romano in one day. D price fr studnt is 18 euro. They r so many hop on bus tht u can choose. D best is survey d price 1st n took d chepest wth d most frequent bus. D one tht we took is ‘open tour bus’ wth 15 minute frequent bus. As tomorow was public holday (bear in mind its new yr 1st jan) we hv to stay more thn what we expected n hv to cancel our trip to venice.

Dont worry abt new yr as d hop on bus still operatng during new yr if u chose d correct one. Do ask them thoroughly n dont get cheated. U maybe approached by the seller with so many promises. Took d one tht is most convenience n reliable. After all they just care abt their business. One more thing is some of d bus company just offer u with 13 stops instead of 17. And some offer u onLy hop on with no hop off.

As i did mentn befr choose d best among d worst.

We straight away went to d main attractn d coloseum on our first day visited rome. At d coloseum we bought a tcket fr d entrance n d tour guide at 22 euros (entrance is 12 , guide is 10). This tour in d coloseum took 2 hrs n d tour outside d coloseum (foro romano, maximus etc) was held on d 2nd jan. On d 1st jan collosseoum is close n also fr d tour, all shops were closed too.

It was a gd choice to hv a guide who can tell u d story of d romano coloseo one of d 7 wnders in d world. N u should complete both tour as it will complete yr trip. U also can buy some souvenir frm the stall outside d coloseoum. Some of their item was much mr cheaper thn in d shop. Fr examle t shirt in
shop is 8 euro bt at stall it is 5 euro. Took as many pictr as u want in whteva style, as u may miss ths moment when u r back. Frm d coloseum chose what eva destinatn u want to stop frm the hop off
bus n hv a look n feel d warmest history get alive.

D 2nd place that i like most in rome is d vatican ct. Do stop at st petr basilica n walk to d entrance of d smallest ct in d world. If u like reading Dan Brown book or hv seen d movies of angle n demon do experience d story in d st peter basilica of vatican. N try to imagine n located the four cardinals were killed based on 4 elements of air, water, earth and fire.

U also may get a tourist guide to guide u on d journey inside of st petr basilica. The tour took u 3 hours as u will bring to d importnt things in that museum. They said to hv a look of all inside the st ptr basilica will took u 15 yrs. perhaps its true 🙂

If u still in rome on d 2nd jan, early in d morning u can do some shopping in their boutique shopes such as zara, mng, guess etc. All this shop is located at via del corso. Its not far from d pantheon n
piaza of nuaza. Hv a look on d map n u may get great bargain price during this grand sale in rome.

Winter in rome is like spring in uk, windy n raining. Bring along yr umbrella when u hv a sightseing. But dont buy d umbrella from d street seller as they r rubbish. They gonna charge u from 5 to 10
euro fr one umbrella n u just can use it at least fr 15 minute befr it being demolished in d strong wind and end up in d dust bin. Bring d gd umbrella together or else wear jacket with hoodies fr yr convenience.

Train in Rome is not as systematic as wht u imagine. ppl maybe cAnnot help u because some of them cant understnd english. Its good sometime if u know some of d basic words as it will make u easier. Please bring along coin when u want to purchase d train tcket frm d machine as they will not receive notes and they r no counter ticket tht u can buy with yr notes. D ppl who incharge of d train system was not so helpful. They might just ignore u if u ask fr help or directn, its either they not understand u or they r wht they r. But dont take it too serius as u may hv face d same thng everywhere. Ppl is still ppl, they r not symmetrical like wht u saw in most of d design inside d colloseoum.

Frm d rome we took a train to pisa. It was 3 hrs journey undr d bright sunny day n i cant wait to end this trip n going home. Its make u feel tired if u hv straight 8 days trip non stop but d experience was
fascinated. If u hv a plan to hv a trip like this plan it properly n u may feel it quite interesting.

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