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Thinking of trip to Barcelona? Here the tips… :)


Thinking of planning a trip to Barcelona Spain? Great…some of the tips may help u in your planning.

First of all bear in mind, when u r planning to go, if its in Aug, Barcelona is in summer and the hottest eva. The temperature can be as high as 33 degrees. It may good for those who are planning for sun bath. Great idea huh? P8100064_1 

Bring yr tshirt, sneakers and sandal. Sandal fr u to be on beach. U can buy in B’lona if u have no time to pack everything. Dont forget yr life seva, yr SUNBLOCK my dear. If u dont want to get tanned very quickly, sunblock SPF 25 or more will help. Bring or buy cap. Look for weather forecast. Sometime it will be raining in B’lona.

The B’lona currency is in euro’s. If u r travel from UK, it may cost u around 240 pound for the return flight tickets and hotel for your 4 days 3 nite stay. Make sure u book it earlier i would like to suggest 2 months before your vacation so that u can get a cheaper travel package if u r lucky enough. If its beyond yr budget, i may suggest u search for a hostel to stay, there are a lot of hostel that u can get. It is really good if u manage to find a hotel in the city centre, easier for u to travel a long the journey. P8100063 

Bear in mind, there are a lot of ‘pickpocket’ in Barcelona. If u dont want to loose anything make sure u leave some of yr money in a safer place. If u r thingking of bringing a bag pack a long, i may suggest u change yr mind. Bag pack may expose yourself to the pick pocket, instead of bag pack, use sling bag or poch that u can monitor all the time. Yr things is on yr own risk, so dont let anything destroy yr vacation mood.

P8100150 Once u reach Barcelona airport go to the information centre and get the train map and travel map along. U may also buy the ‘hop on and hop off’ bus ticket here. For two days travel by this bus it cost u 26 euros. Trust me, it is really worth it. two days travel by this bus is enough for u to cover the whole Barcelona. If u dont have much time to que in the information centre in the airport dont worry, they are many inform board in the city. Ask people if u get lost.

P8100075 P8100068 Dont get surprise if all shops close on sunday, its normal in Barcelona. but for me its crazy. So if u arrived on Sunday, just check in to the hotel, have P8100065 some rest and go to the beach. If u are not really like to be on the beach, walk a long the city centre and have a ‘tapas’ – the seafood on the biscuit. The inform cntre will suggest u which is the best tapas rest in Barcelona. It will not cost u much, one tapas may cost from 1,70 euro to 5,60 euro. from my experience, me and my two other friends have to pay only 51 euros included drinks. Its quite cheap.P8100072 

HALAL FOOD?…I would like to suggest go for MC D and ask fish fillet, or eat TAPAS as u r here, because tapas is from seafood. Or else, bring travel cooker and cook by yrself. Use the Brahim packet of spice, such as kari ikan, kari daging, tomyam cube. Buy the sardine or tuna that dip in ‘sunflower oil’ and cook it with the curry. Try this recipee, u will luv it. Trust me (credited to kak Harisun fr the recipee).

Be careful with the restaurant. The upper restaurant may not be the same owner as down stairs. u may get cheated, ask thoroughly. If u not sure better leave the restaurant or u may have to pay as much as 100 euros for yr food. Beware of this.

For shoppers, u can shop all the time in Barcelona. Zara, MNG, P8100090 Desigual, Topshop, H&M and many other branded item u can find here. If u r lucky u can get as cheaper as u want. For hard rock tshirt colector its only cost u from 20 to 25 euro per tshirt. Thinking of buying for frens & family.

P8100101 P8100118 P8100119 After having a lunch, have a walk a long La Rambla. U will find many interesting things a long yr way. There also many souvenir shop here, i may suggest u buy the souvenir here. At La Rambla u can get 3 fridge magnet for 10 euros, and 3 key chain at the same price (standard). If u know their language u can bargain, but if u just know english dont ever think u can get loose. Some of the people here not really gd in english. Dont make situation get worst. P8100095 

P8100132 P8100168 Keep walking to Port Vell, a nice blue sea-port. In the middle of yr way, u will see the Barcelona Colon, one of the signage of B’lona. Upper to the Port Vell, is the shopping mall. This shopping mall open until 4 o’clock in the morning and this shopping mall open without fail even on sunday. Have a look, maybe u can buy yr swimming suit here.

P8110218 P8110222 On the nite, go and find the Montjuic fountain. It will start at 8 pm. The biggest fountain and colourful that may cherish yr day. Make sure yr camera has full charging, if not u will miss the most fantastic fountain eva. its free of charge, u may seat as near to the fountain or as far as u like. Remember, this fountain is only in show during friday, saturday n sunday. So if u r in the vacation within this day, dont eva miss it.

P8110262 P8110412 On yr second and third day, u will travel by the turistic bus (remember the ticket that u have paid yesterday at the informtn counter). If u forgot to buy the ticket, u can buy it straight away on the bus. There are 3 routes to cover, blue, red and green. Keep the ticket as u will use it fr the next day.Img_2914 

Img_2811 Img_2883 Seat on the top of the bus, as it easier for u to have a nice shot of picture. Wear cap, because u may not stand the heat a long the journey. The tourist guide will give u the earphone for u to listen the story of all places that u reach. Plug in yr earphone to the stereo, choose yr language (No. 3 for english) and adjust the volume. Enjoy!!!Img_2948 

P8110260 P8110376 For the first day, i would like to suggest go for blue routes, u may reach Estacio de sains, Placa de espanya, MNAC, Olympic stadium, de montjuic, colom museum, port vell, zoo, Barri’ Gotic. There are a lot of place to see in the blue routes, so dont miss it. For the second day gor for a red one. U may see de Gracia la pedrera. sagrada Familia, Gracia, Park Guell (must go),  Tramvia, FC Barcelona Club. P8110285 

P8120649 P8120629 The FC barcelona football club, if u like to see the same as the Old Trafford, the ticket to enter the stadium is 17 euros. If u dont, just hang up and buy some souvenir in the shop. There a jacket, tshirt, ball, mug, cap, jersey etc for souvenir. The jersey may cost u from 25 euro to 60, the mug will cost u 6 euro. Take a photo with Ronaldinho or Messi at 13 euro (post card size) or 21 euro for the big frame one. Dont miss it.

P8130686 The green route is the shortest for u who love to be in the beach. Go by this routes in the afternoons, have fun on the beach untill the sundown.

P8130713 Have a gd rest and ready for the last day as u will travel to the Montserrat, one of the famous mountain or hill in B’lona. Its quite cool here, so bring a long yr jacket and pack yr food. The ticket to here is 20 euro’s. Again u can buy the ticket from the informtn counter. The ticket cover yr train and cable car. The train is about 1 hour journey and the cable car is about 30 minutes to the top. Its fantastic, u can see very gd view of the nature. For the back packers, u can climb up to the top, ask the tourist info centre for a guide.

Wish u all d best in yr planning & enjoy yr trip. Have fun in Barcelona. Thanks to my 2 frens, Nadia n Tarifa for the sweet memories. Next trip to Italy, Rome, Turkey, will coming soon. Tungguuuuuuuuuu…..Enjoy guys!!!P8130753 

Note: The price stated may change frm to time to time. Surf the internet for the new info. TQ


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