Posted by: kpmn | June 11, 2008

Ade sape2 nak beli pc?



Device Specifications Features
Processor AMD – X2 2.5GHz – Energy Affection Run Antivirus and HD Movies at the same time without worry about slowing down 
Memory    1GB – DDR II – 800MHz Gives you power to run multiple program at the same time 
Hard Drive 250GB – 16MB Buffer – SATA II Store more than 50 DVDs on your hard drive. 
Graphic Card   Radeon X1250 -OnboardX1 VGAX1 DVI


Play HD Movies and DVDs, Run entry level games with perfect visual!
Optical Drive   DVD R/W Watch DVDs, copy them, and write them.
Motherboard X6 USB DriveX1 Network Card- Ethernet      GigabitsX1 Parallel connection   
Operation System   XP Professional SP3  Vista Home Premium SP1 Work in fast, safe improved and crash free environment.
Mouse and Keyboard X1 Mouse – OpticalX1 Keyboard – Wired   
Software Anti-VirusAnti-SpywareDVD Player

Multimedia player

Starter Kit

Latest Drivers


Work safe!
Case  Black Very quite Case perfect for future upgrades

TOTAL : £190

Call : Mobile 07731181720 – Amir

Any upgrades will be made, like gaming computer or bigger memory extra charge.

LCD Monitor : £49

Speakers : £10

Free installation. Transferring your old computer’s data to the new one with extra charge.

Delivery: Could be picked up locally


Postage £20 to anywhere in England

Address: Lindford Drive, NR4 6LR





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